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ARA Safety's Fire Interruption Technology saves commercial sign shop from fire and keeps fire crews safe

Published on 12 June 2009

ARA Safety's FIT-5 device has helped save a building from total loss, aiding quick and easy knock-down
ARA Safety's FIT-5 device has helped save a building from total loss, aiding quick and easy knock-down
Company's unique fire suppression system saves building from complete loss

When first responders from the Township of Otonabee-South Managhan Department of Fire & Emergency Services were dispatched to a fire in a single story commercial sign shop building on Monday, they were repeatedly advised to use extreme caution as the building contained significant amounts of flammable liquids. Thanks in part to the department's new Fire Interruption Technology FIT-5 fire knock down tool, firefighters safely fought the fire and saved the building from total loss.

Once on scene first responders could see smoke billowing from the rear and side of the building. The fire was ready to flashover making safe entry impossible. Fire Chief Ted Bryan decided to use the department's new FIT-5 device to knock the fire down, bring down the temperature and buy time to set fire ground crews. "Immediately the smoke changed to white and the fire and smoke began to recede", said Chief Bryan. "It knocked the temperature right down and enabled crews to work in a safer environment with confidence."

Upon entry, crews noted that the main fire was already extinguished. The department used an estimated 300 gallons of water to overhaul the fire, compared to an estimated 10,000 gallons that would have been required had the FIT-5 not been used. The department estimates that ARA Safety's FIT helped reduce property damage by $100,000. The FIT left the building intact, allowing fire investigation to be conducted.

"The FIT-5 doesn't replace the need for fire crews, it is a primary attack tool for fire crews to use", Said Chief Bryan. "I recommend the unit as one of the most innovative devices I have ever seen for early intervention and firefighter safety. We would not have been successful saving this structure without it."

This is the first reported FIT-5 deployment in the province of Ontario. Commercial Solutions, ARA Safety's FIT-5 distributor in Canada, supplied the department with the device one week prior to the deployment.

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