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Approval around the world for Fireray 5000

Published on 6 February 2009

The Fireray 5000 from Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd is now certified for sale in France, Belgium, Sweden and CanadaThe Fireray 5000 auto-aligning beam-type smoke detector from Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd has recently been approved for sale in France, Belgium, Sweden and Canada.

It was originally certified by the LPCB (UK) and UL (USA), enabling its use in installations around the world already.

The F5000 is a fire detection system that uses a beam of infra-red light to detect the presence of smoke. Installation is easier than it has ever been, with automatic beam alignment in a maximum of 18 minutes.

Beam detection is especially useful for covering large, open areas such as warehouses, shopping malls and airports: one beam detector can protect an area that would need at least 14 traditional 'point' detectors to cover safely.

The minimal installation footprint and required wiring means that these smoke detectors are also very unobtrusive, both visually and physically, making them suitable for spaces where aesthetics are important or wiring is difficult.

Technological innovation has led to an unprecedented ease of installation and maintenance with the new Fireray. Setup is aided by a guiding visible laser pointer and auto-alignment, and the beam can be fully controlled, adjusted and tested from the low-level control unit. Automatic Gain Compensation (AGC) counteracts the effects of dust build-up, and the Auto-Optimise feature keeps the beam pointing at the reflective prism even in the event of gradual building movement.

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