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AICO Carbon Monoxide alarms secure Plymouth Community Homes

Published on 12 June 2013
RadioLINK allows alarms on the system to communicate with each other using RF signals rather than hard wiring
The CO alarm features Aico's proven RadioLINK Professional wireless interconnection technology

Plymouth Community Homes has announced the commencement of a new scheme to install Aico Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms throughout its 15,000 properties.

Mains powered CO alarms from Aico will be installed by the housing association in all properties. This will be a rolling programme, with the aim to install up to 1400 CO alarms each year. Although Plymouth Community Homes follows a strict maintenance schedule for the appliances it has fitted into the properties, there are a number of tenant-owned appliances that are not covered under this regime, which has been a driving factor in the decision to install CO alarms throughout.

The CO alarm features Aico's proven RadioLINK Professional wireless interconnection technology, allowing the alarms to be swiftly, conveniently and cost-effectively added to the existing Aico smoke alarm systems fitted throughout all of Plymouth Community Homes' properties.

RadioLINK allows alarms on the system to communicate with each other using RF signals rather than hard wiring. When the CO alarm detects dangerous levels of CO, all the alarms interconnected on the system - including the smoke alarms - will sound, providing warning throughout the property.

Since it is important to differentiate between a fire and a CO leak once the alarm has been raised, Plymouth Community Homes will also be installing Aico's wall-mounted Alarm Control Switch. The switch will allow residents to quickly locate the exact alarm which has detected the fire or CO leak and take appropriate action. The Switch is completely wireless and can also be used to test and silence all the alarms on the system.

Robert Long, Electrical and Specialist Services Manager with Plymouth Community Homes, explains why the decision was made to fit CO alarms now: "It is only a matter of time before it becomes a requirement for housing associations and local authorities to fit CO alarms, just like smoke alarms are now obligatory. It's an essential life saving device.

We believe CO alarms are a future requirement and have planned for this accordingly. The ability to link them into the existing smoke alarms system present in each property, without the need to run wiring between the alarms, made this a convenient and cost-effective solution."

In addition to RadioLINK technology, the CO alarm comes with all the features and quality build that professionals have come to expect from Aico alarms, including rechargeable Lithium Cell back-up and a cost-saving replaceable CO sensor design. The sensor itself is the latest generation electrochemical type which automatically checks CO levels in the environment regularly. Pre-calibrated and tested in CO gas to ensure accuracy, it offers both a high level of selectivity and exceptional resistance to false alarms.

The alarm also features high and low CO level LED indicators, with a special pre alarm LED indication for warning of low level CO. When the levels detected reach a dangerous point, a red warning LED combines with an integral built in sounder outputting 85dB(A) at 3 metres to provide a warning. Additional indicators confirm mains power supply and fault indication.

Other features of note include a built-in Test/Hush button, Easi-fit design, Quick CO Gas Test facility and a Memory Feature which enables the user to tell if CO has been detected during a period of absence. It is Kitemarked to BS EN 50291: 2001 and comes complete with a five year guarantee.

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