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AD Network Video's FireVu wins Integrated Security Product of the Year category at IFSEC 2012

Published on 15 June 2012
FireVu provides early detection and visual verification of smoke and fire for commercial buildings
AD Network Video wins award for its FireVu integrated VSD solution

AD Network Video - part of AD Group and sister company of Dedicated Micros– has won the Integrated Security Product of the Year category at the prestigious IFSEC 2012 Security Industry Awards for its FireVu integrated VSD Solution which provides early detection and visual verification of smoke and fire for commercial buildings.

“We are extremely pleased the FireVu Solution has received recognition at the IFSEC Awards” said Pauline Norstrom, Group Director and Director of Worldwide Marketing, “Commercial premises need early detection and visual verification to ensure rapid and proportionate response to fire alarms thus ensuring minimum disruption to business continuity and FireVu can provide this.”

The Award Judges commented “The judges thought that this refined product had been introduced in a timely manner to address an increasing problem regarding the need to verify the presence of a genuine fire alarm.”

To provide some background to the issue for commercial property owners - 95% of fire alarms automatically generated from systems owned by UK businesses, turn out to be false - 337,300 in 2010-11. Commercial premises, at night or weekends, run the risk that their Fire Authority will not respond unless they have confirmed visual verification that there is a fire. This can lead to an increased chance of smoke and fire damage due to the potential delay incurred while someone verifies the alarm and resulting greater interruption to business continuity. It has been reported that 80% of business which suffer a fire never actually recover and fold as a result. Fire Authorities are also threatening fines for repeated false alarms under the new powers they gain through the new Localism Act and as a result of government spending cuts.

FireVu Domes solve the problems business owners face and help to save public funds by combining integrated video smoke and flame detection video analytics in a day/night IP camera together with on-board recording. This provides alerts to the presence of smoke and flame anywhere within the field of view. Visual verification of the source of the smoke or flame can therefore be confirmed much earlier than conventional detectors either by the business owner directly, using a hand held device, remote viewer, graphical display annunciator or remotely by a control room operator. This means that a rapid and proportionate response can be actioned for the building/business owner, and the responders enabled to receive enhanced situational awareness of what to expect when they arrive.

The FireVu IP Solution is a complete video smoke and flame detection system. It offers distributed management and reporting of up to 240 FireVu Dome detectors each with 7 day recording (32GB uSD) offering a fail-safe distributed storage solution providing review of security incidents and any fire alarms, showing not only the event but what preceded it.

The FV1 Annunciator uniquely brings all of this information into one place providing a High Definition display showing the status of each connected FireVu Dome (normal, pre-alarm, Smoke alarm, Flame alarm, Fault), and a site map with camera locations and a list of notifications. Should an alarm occur the camera image is automatically displayed along with indication on the map of the location of the alarm allowing rapid, accurate and proportional response to an emergency.

The FireVu Solution can provide even large campus sites with a fully integrated Fire Alarm system reporting back to a Central Station or a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC).

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