Ziamatic TCHNW - Hose

Ziamatic TCHNW - Hose Hose
Model Code TCHNW - Hose
ConstructionSingle Jacket
Model Info

Complete unit with QT-PB. Hand or back carried pack for transporting hose, gate wye, nozzle and other equipment to emergency location. Heavy-duty, vinyl-coated nylon container may also be purchased alone. Includes a harness. External packing box supports the tote container while hose is being packed. Box may also be used for storage of tote on fire apparatus by attaching one CPFL000003 footman on each sideof box and connecting with a UMVS-1625-11 16"~25" variable strap. Hose may be played out in two directions after connecting gated wye to water supply. 2 x 75 ft hose lengths.

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