Ziamatic QM-EZL mechanical bracket with adjustable top clamp

Ziamatic QM-EZL-A PPE Accessories
Model Code QM-EZL-A
TypeMechanical bracket
Model Info


  • Simply return the SCBA bottle to the bracket and with as little as one finger, press down on the top clamp to quickly and easily lock it into place
  • There is no need to risk damage to hands and SCBAs by slamming, jamming or shoving a bottle back into place
  • Zico's patented ratchet design locks the SCBA over a range of engagement, so that even in a partially closed position there is never any doubt that the bottle is secure
  • New, adjustable top clamp better accommodates smaller bottle sizes in less space and minimises annoying bottle rattling
  • NFPA 1901-09 compliant and third party tested to exceed NFPA 9G standard
  • Fits most SCBAs with only minor adjustments
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