Ziamatic CRS-180 - CRS for Bostrom seat: Prevent injuries before they happen

Ziamatic CRS-180 PPE Accessories
Model Code CRS-180
TypeGear Straps
Model Info

CRS for Bostrom seat: Prevent injuries before they happen. Keep SCBA locked securely in place with the CRS collision restraint strap. It not only meets the requirements of NFPA 1901-96, Section 10.1-6 and 1901-99, Section 12.1-6, but during third party testing, it held the SCBA in place throughout dynamic crash tests to 20G forces. Not NFPA compliant in crew area. SCBA may be donned while still safely secured. It is easily installed on any WALKAWAY bracket. The CRS is easily released...with a tug on the lanyard. Not to be used as a passive restraint when used with SCBA harness.

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