Solberg RF3x6 ATC RE-HEALING FOAM alternative to AR-FFFP, AR-AFFF solutions

Solberg RF3x6 ATC Foam Equipment
Model Code RF3x6 ATC
ApplicationFlammable Liquids
Nozzle TypeAir Aspirating
Model Info

New, environmentally benign, synthetic alcohol resistant foam concentrate used to effectively extinguish fires of flammable liquids (Class ‘B') at 3% on hydrocarbon and at 6% on polar solvent. Real AR-FFFP and AR-AFFF alternative without fluorosurfactants or organohalogens ingredients. Brown non-Newtonian liquid. Specific gravity (25º C): 1,06 kg/l; pH (25º C): 8,0. Viscosity: Pseudoplastic liquid.
Frost resistance: Product has a freezing stretch starting at -8º C. Minimum use temp: - 5º C. Maximum storage temp: < 50º C. Sediments: none.

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