Solberg HI-EX Foam CF synthetic freeze protected foaming agent

Solberg HI-EX Foam CF Foam Equipment
Model Code HI-EX Foam CF
TypeHigh Expansion
Application MethodHi-Ex Generator
Nozzle TypeAir Aspirating
Model Info

Synthetic detergent type foam liquid. Specially designed to be used in medium and high expanding air aspirating foam generators to produce foam with expansion ratios from 200:1 to over 1000:1. Clear, transparant liquid. Specific gravity ( 25º C): 1,00 kg/l; pH (25º C): 7,5. Viscosity: < 20 mm²/sec. Frost resistance: - 20º C. (no quality loss after thawing). Minimum use temp: - 18º C. Maximum storage temp: < 50º C. Sediments: none.

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