SHG Flood Challenge Trailer

SHG Flood Challenge Trailer Vehicle
Model Code Flood Challenge Trailer
Hydraulic Crane?No
Model Info

SHG Flood Challenge Trailer is a equipment for effective flood fighting mounted on a trailer. It can be used indepedently on two different sites. It includes:

  • Wheels-in-trailer with tandem axle and soft cover on frame  
  • 4 WOODY B pumps capacity 1640 l/min, 70 mm maximum solid size  
  • 2 DIN generators 13 kVA for trouble-free operation of the pumps 
  • 12 transparent B spiral hoses for suction and outlet side  
  • 4 non-return valves WOODY B for suction operation up to 5 m head  
  • 8 B-Storz fire hoses length 20 m  
  • 4 floodlights with halogen lamps  
  • 4 cable reels 400/230 V with 50 m cable
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