Scorpe P 24L lifting bag made of polyester material reinforced with aramide - 7.8 kg

Scorpe P 24L Air Bag
Model Code P 24L
TypeHigh Pressure
ConstructionNeoprene/Kevlar Reinforced
Control Package?No
Carrying Case?No
Model Info

Polyester material reinforced with Aramide (Kevlar). Vulcanized with hot temperature under pressure in one operation. Non-slip surface providing maximum friction when stacking two lifting bag. Sizes: 310 x 1020 mm. Thickness: 25 mm. Lifting capacity: 24 t. Max. stroke: 201 mm. Max. air requirement: 211.5 L. Max. inflation pressure: 8 bar. Test pressure: 12 bar. Weight: 7.8 kg.

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