SAE Antincendio KS 2 carbon dioxide extinguisher - 2kg filling weight

SAE Antincendio KS 2 Extinguisher
BrandSAE Antincendio
Model Code KS 2
Extinguishing Agent TypeDry
Fire TypeClass B
Model Info

Container: approved PED 97/23 EC can be made of stainless aluminium alloy. Valve: brass-body with integrated safety device and controllable releasing lever. Extinguishing agent: Carbon dioxide (CO2), neutral, colourless and odourless, non-toxic gas, electrical non-conductive, extinguishing without residues. Operating temperature: -30°C ~ +60°C. Spraying distance: 3 m. Dimension: 505 x 117 mm. Filling weight: 2 kg. Total weight: 5.2 kg.

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