Reelcraft 422101DH1LC-GY39 large frame reel

Reelcraft 422101DH1LC-GY39 Hose Reel
Model Code 422101DH1LC-GY39
Model Info

Reelcraft 422101DH1LC-GY39 is a large frame reel that uses a rigorous cleaning process on raw parts prior to paint. First, an alkaline cleaner is applied to remove dirt and oil from the manufacturing process. The parts are then rinsed before being chemically pre-treated to achieve optimal paint adhesion and salt spray resistance. They receive a second rinse to remove any contaminants. Lastly, parts are coated with a high quality, durable polyester powder coat paint. The painted parts are cured and ready for assembly. The end result is a uniform, corrosion resistant finish that will last through years of service.

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