Niedner ULTRA 2000 - 4115 attack or high-rise backpack hose, 400 PSIG, 1.5 dia.

Niedner ULTRA 2000 - 4115 Hose
Model Code ULTRA 2000 - 4115
Hose Size (in.)1.5
ConstructionDouble Jacket
Length (ft)51~100
Model Info

Durable attack or high-rise backpack hose. Service test pressure rating: 400 PSIG (2800 kPa). 100% polyester double jacket fire hose is lined with TPU elastomer and built for ruggedness, while remaining lightweight and compact. Outer jacket resists snags, cuts, punctures and abrasion. ENCAP treatment improves durability, reduces water absorption up to 40%, enhances chemical resistance, adds color options. Weight per 50 ft: 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg).

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