McCoy Miller LLC Type 3 Medic 163SE EMS ambulance

McCoy Miller LLC Type 3 Medic 163SE Vehicle
BrandMcCoy Miller LLC
Model Code Type 3 Medic 163SE
Hydraulic Crane?No
Model Info

EMS ambulance. Modular body: 163" x 98". Fully welded tubular structure on 12" centres for strength and durability. Cast polished aluminum fenderettes. TriMark automotive style latches.HD extruded door jambs and frames. Integrated door seal. 

Improved design: reduced welding, heat distortion and body fill. Etched-trace power circuits. LED diagnostic control and door open circuits. Prewired for an inverter. Marine grade high current switches. HD machine crimped harness, pre-wired for halogen, LED, or strobe lighting systems. Clock: LED in rear control. 

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