Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 092-113-230 air system top-up compressor

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 092-113-230 Compressor
BrandLudo McGurk Transport Equipment
Model Code 092-113-230
Fragmentation ContainerNo
Cubic ft./min6.0~14
Integ. Storage/Pressure Ves.No
NFPA CompliantNo
Model Info

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 092-113-230 uses high quality components in one module that is convenient and light on labour to fit. Low in maintenance, it incorporates its own automatic draining moisture trap and filter, non-return valve, adjustable pressure switch, pressure gauge, and decompressor valve. It also has a manual over-ride on-off switch. Suited for use with fire appliances with air-brake systems where fast activation time is essential, it will keep the brake system pressure above “release pressure” thus allowing for instant driving. Features include:

  • Maintains air pressure in the vehicle brake system or suspension
  • Fully integrated unit with moisture trap, non-return valve and pressure switch.
  • Automatic moisture trap drain.
  • Built in decompressor valve.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Simple installation, one air pipe and one cable
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