Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-162T-24 high output automatic battery charger

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-162T-24 Rescue/RIT Accessories
BrandLudo McGurk Transport Equipment
Model Code 091-162T-24
Model Info

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment  091-162T-24 Euro Charger I VHO is a fully automatic battery charger with a very high output, which is designed to meet CE requirements.  Ruggedly constructed with a single output, it float charges the battery and may be installed on the vehicle. Features include:

  • For the specific needs of emergency vehicles
  • Supports parasitic loads
  • 60A Output for large batteries with many parasitic loads
  • Auto prioritises flatter battery
  • Low frequency - Low noise
  • Rugged construction for vehicle mounting
  • Input voltage selectable, 115V or 230V
  • Designed to CE requirements
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