Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-126 for charging 12V batteries from 24V

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-126 Rescue/RIT Accessories
BrandLudo McGurk Transport Equipment
Model Code 091-126
Model Info

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-126 Auto Charge 24/12 Battery Charger is a completely automatic unit designed to charge a small to medium size 12 volt lead acid battery. The charger may also be operated as a power supply to power 12 volt accessories in vehicles with 24 volt electrical systems. The output is current limited to prevent damage from overloads. Internal circuitry ensures that the output voltage has a very low ripple. This makes the unit ideal for powering accessories that are ripple sensitive. Vehicles with a 24 volt Battery Saver can use the 24/12 Battery Charger to power the 12 volt loads either from the battery or, when provided with shore power, from the Battery Saver.

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