LISHU Biochemical Technology D.T.E. fire extinguishing agent

LISHU Biochemical Technology D.T.E. Fire Extinguishing Agent Clean Agent System
BrandLISHU Biochemical Technology
Model Code D.T.E. Fire Extinguishing Agent
Intelligent Control?No
Early Warning Smoke Detection?No
Delayed Action Devices?No
Manual Release Device?No
LEED Compliant?No
Model Info


  • Can be diluted in soft and hard water at the ratio 1:45 (or more) without causing the performance of the condensed liquid.
  • Can be automatically dissolved in water, no need for any dynamic devices and there will be no separated layers or settlement.
  • No re-combustion, and quick reducing the heat instantaneously to room temperature, so as to help the rescue operations faster.
  • Neutral PH value causes no harm to equipments and appliances, which is helpful for after-treatment at the fire scene.
  • D.T.E. is nontoxic and safe to human body and the environment.
  • Suitable for using in water types of fire extinguishing system, also provides high performance for the fire in class A,B,D,K(F) and free from restrictions on special equipments. 
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