Lion Apparel Glide Center Cut Thermal Liners

Lion Apparel Glide Center Cut Turnout/Bunker Gear
BrandLion Apparel
Model Code Glide Center Cut
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The Lion Apparel Glide Center Cut Thermal Liners represents another breakthrough in the orientation of the internal LION turnout components. Like all isodri systems, this one picks up very little weight from water and dries in a flash. This combination system places a tough woven layer of water-resistant Nomex chambray between the shell and the moisture barrier and a quilted composite of Glide face cloth and Teflon F-finished apertured Nomex E-89 (AraFlo) on the other side of the moisture barrier (next to the wearer). This unique system improves the thermal properties (TPP) of the entire ensemble, while delivering outstanding THL values.

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