Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 497-0400-5 Digital Battery Analyzer

Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 497-0400-5 Rescue/RIT Accessories
BrandKussmaul Electronics Co. Inc.
Model Code 497-0400-5
Model Info

Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 497-0400-5 is a digital battery analyzer that features:

  • Analyzes 12 volt and 6 volt lead-Acid batteries of all types: flooded,Gel-Cel or AGM, deep-Cycle or Gen / Engine start
  • Simple three step test procedure provides a comprehensive analysis of batteries in seconds
  • No need to recharge batteries prior to testing; accurate results for batteries in any state of charge down to 5.5 volts
  • Uses conductance sense technology, will not harm or discharge the batteries
  • Rugged, compact, light-Weight case, easy to use even in hard-To-Access battery compartments
  • Temperature compensation setting when testing batteries below 32 F
  • Handy water resistant carrying case with shoulder strap provided
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