Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 091-32-S

Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 091-32-S Rescue/RIT Accessories
BrandKussmaul Electronics Co. Inc.
Model Code 091-32-S
Model Info

Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 091-32-S, Load Manager S, is a standard Load Manager, except that the external relays are energized by supplying +12 volts to them. This permits connection to relays that have one side of their coils connected to ground. The "Load Manager S" is a precision solid-state controller, which sequentially switches "ON" seven relays at 1/2 second intervals. Individual switches, which the user may install, can select a combination of outputs. These switches may be used to turn the outputs "ON" or "OFF" at any time. The "Master Control" switch starts the sequential switch when it is turned "ON". Likewise turning the "Master Control" switch "OFF" sequentially de-energizes the loads at 1/2 second intervals.

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