091-145-12 Auto Charge Dual

Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 091-145-12 Rescue/RIT Accessories
BrandKussmaul Electronics Co. Inc.
Model Code 091-145-12
Model Info

091-145-12 Auto Charger is designed for maintaining the batteries of a 24 volt vehicle that has parasitic 12 volt loads. This excess 12 volt load discharges one battery more than the other and usually overcharges one battery and undercharges the other. The Model 091-145-12, Auto Charge Dual, contains 2 separate and electrically isolated 12 volt chargers. The chargers may be connected in series and wired to the batteries as illustrated in the wiring diagram in the instruction manual. Each battery is individually sensed and charged. Thus if the lower battery requires more charge, it will continue to receive current after the upper battery has stopped charging. When the batteries are fully charged all charging stops.

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