Kidde Fire Trainers Hose Line FIRETRAINER O-100 fire simulator

Kidde Fire Trainers Hose Line  FIRETRAINER O-100 Training Equipment
BrandKidde Fire Trainers
Model Code Hose Line FIRETRAINER O-100
Model Info

Can be used as a standalone burn pan to replicate fuel spill or ground fires in addition to several other types of fire scenarios.

Constructed of stainless steel, making it robust and easy to maintain, and it burns environmentally acceptable LPG propane. Safety is paramount, with the operator/instructor controlling a "deadman" button on the control pendant that, when released, instantly stops the fire.

Standard with a 24-square-foot burn area. With a high fire output of 65,000,000 btu/hr, intense live fire training can be achieved at the push of a button. In addition, an O-100 PLUS version is available, which features a 112-square-foot burn area that meets NFPA 1001 training requirements.

When combined with the portable Car Fire Prop or other outdoor - industrial props, numerous fire scenarios can be replicated. 

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