Hytrans HydroSub 450, diesel-hydraulic 500 kw power pack pump unit

Hytrans HydroSub 450 Pump
Model Code HydroSub 450
Model Info

A +/- 500 kw diesel-hydraulic power-pack-pump-unit. Features access to any open water source at distances of up to 60 metres horizontally and 20 metres vertically. Compactly build into a container mainframe-pump housing. The submersible pump is built into a carrying frame with floater and wheels.

Capacity: Submersible pump, 11000 ltr/min at 2.5 bar. Main-boost pump 11000 ltr at 12 bar. Dimensions (submersible only): 580 x 710 x 885 mm. Weight : approximately 135 kg.

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