High Temperature Linings System 203

High Temperature Linings System 203 Fire Station Equipment Accessories
BrandHigh Temperature Linings
Model Code System 203
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High Temperature Linings System 203 include an interlocking refractory tile and encapsulated insulating material (Calcium Silicate Insulation Board) that shields and protects training towers and buildings from intense environments encountered during live fire training exercises. System 203 is able to withstand repeated high temperatures and extreme thermal shock created during fire training evolutions without spalling, cracking or splintering. Each System 203 tile is individually anchored to the structure with a durable stainless steel anchoring system. This system, coupled with the interlocking feature of the tiles, allows the lining to "float" with temperature fluctuations. The complete installation offers an impenetrable blanket of protection for your structure, designed to last 10-20 years with minimal maintenance.

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