Godiva FoamMaster E Series 5.0 electronic foam proportioning system

Godiva FoamMaster E Series 5.0 Foam Equipment
Model Code FoamMaster E Series 5.0
ApplicationClass A
Model Info

Godiva FoamMaster E Series 5.0 is an electronic foam proportioning system for accurate and reliable injection of Class A and B foam into discharge streams. Its full function digital control allows changing foam percentage between 0.1% to 10.0%. The System measures water flow and injects correct amount of concentrate for the current flow rate. Control unit displays the current water flow, concentrate injection rate, total water flowed and total foam used. It is suitable for use with standard and aspirating nozzles and compressed air foam systems. The foam pump is a rotary gear type producing up to 19.0l/min concentrate output.

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