Draeger Polytron 3500 pyrolysing gas detector for the continuous monitoring of toxic gases

Draeger Polytron 3500 Detector
Model Code Polytron 3500
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  • Selective measurement: The temperature inside the pyrolysis oven is matched with the characteristics of the targeted gas, and together with a suitable sensor allows for the selective measurement of nitrogen trifluoride NF3 or fluorised/chlorised organic compounds such as C4F6, C5F8 and other PFCs.
  • Easy to use: Requires almost no operational settings or adjustment.
  • Simple and fast installation: The time and money saving two component concept consists of the docking station for mechanical and electrical installation, and the Polytron 3500 transmitter.
  • Reliable measurement: Technological advances in the electronic layout and the use of a shielded full metal enclosure allows Dräger to offer a transmitter with unsurpassed RFI resistance. 
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