Caccialanza 5272135110 A2-El Monitors with range of jet 50 mt

Caccialanza 5272135110 Monitor
Model Code 5272135110
Inlet Size (in.)2.5
Flow Rate (GPM)< 250
Model Info

A2-El Monitors with electric adjustable full jet/fog jet water nozzle. Electric remote controlled water monitor A2-El/F type, body seawater resistant light alloy G-Al Si 9, horizontal and vertical movements with electric multiturn actuators IP67, with integrated electric motors 24 V AC, 0,21 kw, equipped with adjustable limit switches, torque switches (overload protection) and virtual thermoswitches, with integrated virtual potentiometers for remote control, 2½ " ANSI 150 lbs R.F. flange. Nozzle orifice Ø: 24 mm. Flowrate at 8 bar: 500 lt./min. Pressure at inlet flange: 8,2 bar. Range of jet: 50 mt. Weight: 70 kg.

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