BLACKHAWK Tactical Backpack Kit-C with bolt cutter, thundermaul, hallagan tool

BLACKHAWK Tactical Backpack Kit-C Extrication System
Model Code Tactical Backpack Kit-C
Carrying Cases?No
Model Info

Provides operators in the field with mission specific tooling options to best meet their tactical entry needs. Tactical Backpack Kit-C includes boltmaster bolt cutter, thundermaul, active shooter hallagan tool, manual entry tool pack.

Boltmaster bolt cutter: specifically heat treated cutting edges finest available anywhere. Thundermaul: sure-grip handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC; maul combines axe and sledge into one compact tool. Active shooter hallagan tool: features both a non-sparking fork end and a more robust stainless steel wedge horn. Manual entry tool pack: securely carries the SOHT or SOB, ThunderMaul, or Mini ThunderSledge, and BoltMaster.

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