Bavaria Brandschutz Rally 2kg fire extinguisher suitable for vehicles, household, workshop

Bavaria Brandschutz Rally 2kg Extinguisher
BrandBavaria Brandschutz
Model Code Rally 2kg
TypeStored Pressure
Extinguishing Agent TypeDry
Fire TypeClass A
Model Info

Portable dry chemical powder fire extinguisher. Optimum for use in vehicles, households and workshops. Full hand grip handle for best control and safety for one hand operation. Allows intermittent and repeated operation. Pressure check valve equipped. Extinguishing rating: 13A 70B C. Working temperature range: -20 ~ +70°C. Bursting pressure: > 70 bar. Approx. gross weight: 4.2 kg. Approx. unit dimension: 15.5 x 12.5 x 36.5 cm.

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