Action Radio & Communications Inc IC-F621TR

Action Radio & Communications Inc IC-F621TR Radio
BrandAction Radio & Communications Inc
Model Code IC-F621TR
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More Flexibility (3-in-1):

The IC-F621TR offers basic LTR, PassPort, and conventional operations in one unit. Conventional operation and talk around during trunking operation are both available with the touch of a button.

LTR Features and Select Call Program up to 50 systems and up to 250 talk groups per system. All basic LTR features, including DTMF direct calling with the optional DTMF microphone, HM-152T, telephone interconnect and wide/narrow channel spacing are available.

  • PassPort Features—NTS Release 2.4
  • Individual Selective Call (MIN call)—Allows private call between individual members within a fleet.
  • Display MIN Text—While in group conversation, you can see the name of the calling party in the display, instead of the MIN number.
  • Primary Talk Group “All Call” allows individual users to call all groups in the fleet.
  • RSSI (Receive signal strength indicator)—Detects the strongest signal site, providing seamless roaming.
  • Site Lock—Allows the user to lock the radio onto the current site to avoid roaming.

More Power (45W of Trunking Power):

Maximize the footprint the FCC gave you. More power equals greater access/coverage. It also means more reliable handshakes at the edge of your footprint.

More Spectrum:

Wide bandwidth of 440-490MHz with switchable 12.5/25kHz widths per channel for greater system configuration flexibility.

5 Programmable Buttons & Independent AF Volume Knob P0-P4 buttons. Independent volume knob for quick operation.  Invertible Chassis

Additional Features:

  • CTCSS, DTCS encoder and decoder built-in
  • Conventional, system and group scans
  • Flash ROM CPU for firmware upgrade capability
  • MIL810 rugged construction
  • Advanced PC programming capability
  • One touch abbreviated dialing with optional DTMF Microphone, HM-100TN
  • Dead beat stuns the radio for certain periods
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