The QM-ROLO-SA from Ziamatic - a new style of SCBA containment

Ziamatic QM-ROLO-SA Mounting Bracket

Ziamatic Corp. is now offering a new style of SCBA containment.

The Rol-Loc, model QM-ROLO-SA, has been tested to well over 9 g's and complies with the 2009 edition of NFPA 1901 for use inside of crew cabs.

It can be adjusted to fit any size bottle or brand SCBA currently on the market. Releasing the SCBA is as simple as pulling on the release and standing up.

To put the SCBA back in the Rol-Loc, you need only place the valve in the footplate and push back. The Rol-Loc is self-locking and is then ready for the next call.

The QM-ROLO-SA fits most current seats and the release can be mounted anywhere on the seat.

For more information contact Ziamatic Corp.

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