Ziamatic's QLM-U fits all SCBA currently on the market

Ziamatic QLM-U Mounting Bracket

Ziamatic Corp. has released a new mechanical SCBA restraint bracket. The Quic-Lock, model QLM-U, fits all SCBAs currently on the market at the time of its design.

The bracket has been dynamically tested and held to over 10 g's. It features an easy-to-use release mechanism: with one pull on the release cord, the SCBA is completely free, without any tugging or snags.

All adjustments that need be made to accommodate a different SCBA or bottle can be made to the front of the bracket without having to remove it from the seat.

The Quic-Lock uses a top clamp restraining mechanism that holds the SCBA firmly without vibration or rattling. The release mechanism can be positioned to any location, allowing for complete versatility.

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