Zephyr Technology FRS 1000 physiological monitoring system

Zephyr Technology FRS 1000 PPE Accessories

The Zephyr™ First Responder System (FRS) offers visibility into the physical status of personnel deployed in the most challenging environments. Deployed over existing digital radio equipment, FRS offers a low hassle, cost-effective way to help improve the safety of your team, and help optimize mission outcomes.

Designed for squads of people deployed in the harshest environments, the Zephyr FRS enables the monitoring of multiple individuals and teams simultaneously. The FRS is intended for use by teams of firefighters, hazmat, WMD CST; or any teams that deploy into potentially hazardous, challenging environments.

Knowing the real-time physical status of personnel can assist Incident Commanders and Safety Officers in their decision making at the fire-ground. The FRS deploys over existing voice radio systems, thus increasing a fire-fighter's situational awareness, while minimising weight, hassle and the cost of deployment.

The Smart Fabric strap can be worn as a chest strap, or as a fully integrated shirt. Being fabric based, the BioHarness™ strap does not impact the wearer's ability to perform their duties and does not result in skin irritation over time.


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