Westnet First-In Dorm Remote warning alarm

Westnet First-In Dorm Remote Warning Lights & Sirens

The Dorm Remote® awakens firefighters with low ramping tones, a soft human voice pre-announcement and Knight Vision Lighting, which provides a red glow of light distributed around the dressing area. From the front panel, each crew member programs his or her Dorm Remote according to the company to which the firefighter is assigned, allowing for zoning capability in that dorm. For example, a paramedic would program “paramedic” into his or her Dorm Remote before going to sleep. Any alarm that comes in for a paramedic activates all “paramedic” Dorm Remotes. Dorm Remotes programmed for truck, engine or other companies do not activate. This feature allows firefighters not needed on calls to continue sleeping. This helps reduce the common sleep deprivation experienced by firefighters needlessly awakened for calls to which they need not respond.

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