TNT Rescue R-50 high pressure ram

TNT Rescue R-50 Ram Jack

TNT Rescue tools and pumps are compatible with HURST, Genesis, Holmatro and Amkus equipment. The rescue tools are serving Tactical Fire Fighting Trucks (TFFT) by Pierce / Oshkosh around the world. 

Here are some of the key attributes of the R-50 Ram:

  • Mineral Base Hydraulic Oil 10,500 PSI (724 BAR)
  • Ideal for heavy equipment and machinery• Capability of rams can be increased with the addition of accessories
  • The R-Series provides both pushing and pulling capabilities.
  • Available Couplers: Standard, Flat Face, NEXUS
  • Penetrating Bear Teeth, on both ram tip and base
  • Bear Teeth provide better grip, greater control and increasing safety during displacement
  • True variable speed control (TVSC), deadman control increases manageability in critical situations
  • Dual Pilot check valves for reliable & superior load holding
  • Maximum push force in excess of 33,000 pounds
  • Lifetime Warranty

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