Sepura SRG3900 TETRA Gateway

Sepura SRG3900 TETRA Gateway Radio

The SRG3900 gateway is the latest generation of Sepura’s proven SRG3000 mobile radio series. Its hardware readily supports Direct Mode Gateway, Direct Mode Repeater, PEI based Data and E2EE options. 

It is a flexible, adaptable and fully-featured mobile TETRA radio designed to meet the demanding needs of users within the transport, utility and public safety markets. They offer comprehensive and quick communication system to an officer patrolling the beat, a paramedic attending a patient at home or a fire team working through a high-rise building fire.

Sepura SRG gateway radios can transmit signals up to 10 Watts whereas Sepura hand-held radios up to 1.8 Watts - the greatest operational range of any TETRA terminal on the market today. The GPS capability of Sepura radios make the transfer of location data as precisely as possible in the minimum possible time so as to ensure credibility and safety.

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