Savox Communications C-C500 RSM/multi-purpose remote speaker microphone

Savox Communications C-C500 Radio

The Savox C-C500 is a multi-purpose remote speaker microphone that can be used with or without a headset.

The durable and waterproof (IP 67) Savox C-C500 is a communication solution that provides various optional functions for different types of applications, even when used in potentially explosive environments (ATEX Approved).

Additionally, the internal microphone and speaker is equipped with interface electronics and a rugged quick release jack that adapts any type of headset to your two-way radio. Thanks to the two large push-to-talk buttons, transmission is secured, even when used from inside of protective gear and clothing.

Key benefits:

  • Can be used with or without a headset
  • Adapts any Savox headset to your two-way radio
  • Two large push-to-talk buttons
  • Durable and water resistant (IP67)
  • Rotating belt clip
  • Ergonomic
  • Optimal size

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