Potter Roemer 1656 bubble type fire hose and extinguisher cabinet

Potter Roemer 1656 Fire Cabinet

Function: 1600 Series cabinets accommodate a single 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) fire hose rack assembly with either Polyflex or PR-Superflex hose and portable fire extinguisher. All bubble door styles have a projecting convex polycarbonate panel enclosing the extinguisher area of the cabinet.

Regularly furnished: 20 ga. box, 20 ga. tubluar steel door with 18 ga. frame and a continuous steel hinge (brass pin). Steel corner seams welded and ground smooth. Recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted cabinets are furnished with 0.125"(0.31cm) radiused frame. Semi-recessed and surface mounted cabinets are furnished with rolled radius. All components are powder-coated with an electrostatically-applied, thermally-fused, re-coatable white polyester finish. Wall mounting and size of cabinet as selected by model number.

Optional materials: Door and Frame available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

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