Pierce Saber custom chassis

Pierce Saber Vehicle

Pierce’s timeless industry-standard chassis now offers big improvements. The all-new Saber® chassis was built with the value-driven firefighter in mind – delivering advanced visibility, greater space, improved ergonomics, and streamlined serviceability at an affordable price.

Visibility and space


  • Exceptional visibility is achieved through a large, bonded, single-piece, wrap-around windshield
  • The smaller engine tunnel is lower and more contoured for increased occupant space, particularly up front for the driver and officer
  • The forward roof design offers a cathedral ceiling feel with increased frontal visibility and more configurable space





  • Exterior door handles are functionally designed for a firefighter’s gloved hand
  • The steps are lower to the ground and offset to function like a stair step, making it easier for firefighters to enter and exit the cab
  • The console and metal overhead switch panel are ergonomically designed for maximum convenience and comfort, keeping all of the gauges & switches within easy reach of the driver





  • Easy access to the defroster & wiper motors through removable officer-side panels
  • Power distribution relocation provides more interior space and fewer harnesses in the frame & up through the cab for easier servicing
  • Built-in wire raceways throughout the cab reduce the chance of wire chaffing & make it easier to service or add cab harnesses & wiring




  • Maximum 50-degree cramp angle and 15-degree angle of approach for improved maneuverability in tight areas and challenging situations

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