Pavlis a Hartmann s.r.o. nvv 080 hydrant system

Pavlis a Hartmann s.r.o. nvv 080 Hydrant

Pavlis a Hartmann s.r.o. nvv 080 hydrant system with D33 semi-rigid hose is a very effective fire-fighting facility with an uninterrupted supply of water immediately. Approved to CSN 73 0873 and CSN EN 671-1, it is especially beneficial where large amount of water up to 200 litre/min is required. The nvv 080 hydrant system includes:

  • Steel hydrant cabinet is designed for wall or recess mounting. To facilitate pressure-water supply into the system, the cabinet is equipped with two knock-out holes at the top and bottom of both side walls of the cabinet. Its surface is textured, coated with RAL 3000 (red) or RAL 9016 (white) tint powder for indoor applications. 
  • Hose-reel is mounted on a swinging arm. It consists of two side discs reinforced with wire of 8mm diameter. 
  • D33 semi-rigid hose is manufactured by Pavlis a Hartmann under trade name PH – stabil - D33. Hose length is 20 or 30m. 
  • Tajfun Turbo spray nozzle (equivalent to 13 mm) with a revolving head. 
  • D33 connection hose of 1.5m length with ball valve 5/4” PN30 DN32.

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