Niedner TAIGA 1200 - 3812 industrial grade fire hose

Niedner TAIGA 1200 - 3812 Hose

The TAIGA 1200 from Niedner is a heavy-duty, industrial grade fire hose for extreme situations where maximum flow is necessary to overcome hazards; or to conduct water transfer whenever high volume and pressure are required.

It is a 100 percent polyester double-jacket 200-psi service test pressure hose rated as a Super Large Diameter Hose (SLDH). It is complete with TPU elastomer lining for improved flexibility, weight & compactness.

The TAIGA 1200 comes standard with unique four-lug STORZ couplings designed and manufactured by Williams Fire & Hazard Control. The ENCAP treated outer jacket improves durability, reduces water absorption up to 40 percent, and enhances chemical resistance.

TAIGA 1200 is a unique product that was designed in accordance with specifications provided by Williams Fire & Hazard Control.

It was named TAIGA, a Japanese word meaning "Big River" in honor of its first commercial users. This product has undergone extensive testing and inspection by the Japanese Fire Equipment Inspectors Institute (JFEII), and has been accepted by the Japanese government and petroleum industry as the hose to protect refineries and other high value operations.


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