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MSA presents the new Bag for Rapid Intervention Team for a fast, simple and secure application when rescuing a person who had an accident in a hazardous atmosphere. The RIT Bag supplies breathable air and comes with a pneumatic system that is connected to an existing cylinder. The patented SingleLine hose-in-hose technology combines high and medium pressure air supply. Depending on the application the bag can be equipped with the rescue hood RespiHood or a combination of demand valve and full face mask.

The robust bag features a flap with a large and handy SingleLine manifold that can easily be opened wearing gloves. Save handling is assured even at zero visibility. Via a carrying strap the bag can be secured on the affected person, strain-relieving the SingleLine hose and enabling the transport of both, the casualty and the bag by only one person. A 6 l, 6.8 or 9 l cylinder plus a pneumatic system can be accommodated in the inside of the bag where compartments for accessories such as demand valve, mask, hood, rescue loop can further be found. Reflectors on the outside of the bag serve for a better visibility in the dark or dense smoke.

With the Bag for Rapid Intervention Team MSA continues to provide high quality safety products and protection for those working under most severe conditions.  

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