Mica Elektro HL-800 ATEX hands-free helmet lamp, LED bulb

Mica Elektro HL-800 ATEX Flash Light

MICA HL-800 ATEX head/helmet lamp makes hands-free work possible in hazardous areas. Balanced design weighing only 510 grams - including the battery! The battery can be replaced in a few seconds and without leaving the hazardous area. Available as headband, helmet band and helmet clip-version. Constructed entirely of antistatic materials.

Main fields of use: explosion hazardous areas, oil & gas industry, aviation, fire fighting, military, tankers and merchant ships.

  • Operating time up to 7 hours
  • Battery can be changed inside hazardous areas
  • High-power LED bulb
  • Low-battery warning
  • Ordinary 5 mm LED as a secondary bulb

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