Matjack 32 Ton High Pressure Air Bag

Matjack 32 Ton Air Bag

Place MatJacks under a load and inflate. Our hand-held controls have two positions: inflation and deflation. It's that easy! No more hand jacking or complex hydraulic valve systems.

MatJacks go anywhere you have one inch clearance and work in rain, snow and the coldest weather. Covered with five layers of Neoprene rubber (Butyl rubber available upon request) with a raised, conical, interlocking surface, MatJacks are designed to "grip" the load.

Mechanical or hydraulic jacks concentrate their energy into a small contact surface area while lifting bags distribute forces equally over the entire surface area of the bag.

Matjack Lifting Bags work on a simple yet proven law of physics. For each pound (psi) of air pumped into the lifting bags, that force is multiplied over the bag’s entire surface area, creating tons of force.

Both jacks and air bags have their specific merits. Matjack Lifting Bags have a 1” maximum thickness and this singular difference permits access to lift areas where no known conventional lifting devices can be used.

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