Draeger Flame 5000 - Colour Imaging Based Flame Detector

Draeger Flame 5000 Detector

The Dräger Flame 5000 is a colour imaging based flame detector. Using advanced digital signal processing and software algorithms, it can process the live video image and interpret the characteristics of a flame. Subsequently the detector is virtually immune to any potential false alarm sources including hot processes, flare reflections and hot CO2 emissions.

Each detector performs two functions; flame detection and CCTV surveillance. This reduces maintenance and installation costs, and the surveillance aspect of the detector eliminates the requirement to dispatch operators to investigate alarms as live video images can be directly viewed from the control room. This reduces the risk to operators and can improve response times.

The detector is capable of detecting a 0.1m2 gasoline fire at 44 metres, and an extended operating temperature of -60° C to +85° C makes the Draeger Flame 5000 suitable for a wide range of applications. Advanced optical verification is designed to check the detector window for contamination and to ensure that the detectors field of view is not restricted by an object placed directly in front of the window.

The Dräger Flame 5000 is certified with Worldwide Approvals including ATEX, IEC Ex, and FM Listing. The detector is also SIL 2 verified.

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