Bristol Uniforms Ergotech Action structural firefighting coat and trouser

Bristol Uniforms Ergotech Action Turnout/Bunker Gear

Bristol’s Ergotech Action™ fire coat and trouser combination is a lightweight construction, designed to minimise wearer heat stress whilst meeting the requirements of EN469:2005 Level 2. Widely used throughout the world, where the European standard is recognised as the required protection standard, this design was introduced in 2004, following extensive physiological tests on firefighters to measure the level of heat stress resulting from the wearing of a range of different fabric combinations.

The two most common fabric combinations are:

  • XR2 Hainsworth Titan
  • M10 Gore-Tex Airlock
  • N21ME Nomex viscose lining


  • PS1 PBI
  • M10 Gore-Tex Airlock
  • N21ME Nomex viscose lining

Ergotech Action™ coat (model EA2/A)

  • Collar and throat tab shape provide optimal compatibility with helmet and firehood
  • Shoulder shape and increased upper sleeve allow full rotational mobility in shoulder and arm
  • Shaped panel over the shoulder eliminates the shoulder seam and makes a smoother line with greater comfort when wearing breathing apparatus
  • Increased underarm gusset allows more manoeuvrability when reaching overhead. Two action pleats added at the back shoulder

Ergotech Action™ trouser (model TEA2/A)

  • Articulated knees with convex seams around the knee for greater flexibility when bending and climbing
  • Shaped seaming on back of knee to reduce fullness when crawling
  • Top of trouser contoured to the body with raised back and elasticated adjustment across the lumbar region
  • 'H' pattern braces
  • Two large half bellow pockets 

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