Brandschutz Heimlich SECRETLY C 10 CO2 fire extinguisher

Brandschutz Heimlich SECRETLY C 10 Extinguisher

Brandschutz SECRETLY C 10 complies with EN 1866-1: P3-03 / 99 standards. Its operating temperature is -30 ° to 60 ° C, while its operating pressure is at + 20° C: 58 bar. Its typical applications include: electronic systems, chemical industry, areas with special hygienic requirements, machinery and equipment and more. The C 10 fire extinguisher is built of tubular steel and comes with a floor stand and holder for fire-fighting equipment. It’s throwing range is approximately 3 m and the fire hose length is 6 m.

The SECRETLY C 10 is easy to handle and operate with no extinguishing agent residues. It’s environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

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