Prague Fire & Security Days 2012

Event:Prague Fire & Security Days 2012
Type:Trade show / Expo
Dates:Sep 18 - 22, 2012
Location: Praha 9 - Letnany, Czech Republic
Address:PVA EXPO Prague
Beranových 667
Praha 9 - Letnany
Czech Republic
199 00
Event Overview

Dig into latest fire-fighting and safety systems at Prague Fire & Security Days 2012

Concept of Prague Fire & Security Days 2012

  • Prague Fire & Security Days is the annual meeting of manufacturers and distributors of the latest trends in fire-fighting and safety systems, high-tech technologies – security systems, private security agencies and even the government security forces, non-commercial subjects, non-profit organizations and associations with public.
  • The presentation of the safety equipment itself will be mostly done by interactive, modern and attractive form, with various visual presentation, classes, conferences, meetings and even by simple meeting and connecting those who would never could met.
  • All that with the presence and active participation of the most important Czech companies, operating on the fire-fighting and security technologies market and with foreign companies and installation companies, that operate in the area of the Czech republic, deputies of the government security agents and the Capital City of Prague.
  • In this year extended with new branches - IT PROTECTION, SAFE TRAFFIC and RESCUE PRAGUE, which assure even more expertise. Extension of new branches is scheduled just for the year 2012 because of the 10th anniversary of the August floods from 2002.

Participants of Prague Fire & Security Days 2012

Manufacturers and distributors of the latest trends in the fire-fighting and safety technologies, high-tech technologies – security systems, personal security agencies, security government agents, non-profit organisations and foundations, facility management and other related branches.

Everyone who would like to present its company – products and services related to the fire-fighting and security, IT protection, safe traffic and rescue (eventually other close branches), can apply for the participation. As well as everyone who decides to organise an interesting event about security, architecture, building industry and education in relation to the main branches and will accept the terms of the organiser of the fair.

Mission of Prague Fire & Security Days 2012

Mission of Prague Fire & Security Days 2012 is to acquaint professional public with the latest trends in fire-fighting and security technologies, IT PROTECTION, SAFE TRAFFIC and RESCUE PRAGUE.

Get the public audience acquaint with the everyday life usage of fire-fighting and security systems, with increasing the level of health and life protection and protection of personal estates by means of easy comprehensible, informal and interesting presentations by presented companies, discussions, classes, film projections or by visiting usually not accessible buildings and objects.
FSDays has a task to completely support the general solutions of personal and public safety, advertise the enlightenment and responsibilities of individuals, organizations, bureaus,… in this sphere.

Visitor Demographic (Geographical Regions/Countries): Czech Republic

Visitor Demographic (Type):

Professionals from construction:
project engineers
IT technologies
Representatives of galleries, show rooms, museums, castles, manor houses, landmarks, banks
Objects with higher security risk
Housing co-operatives
Tenant organisations
Event Organiser
Organiser: Mascotte Ltd.
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